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FAQ - Credit-Mechanics

Question - How do I get started using Credit Mechanics?

Answer - First you complete the online retainer agreement click the sign up button on the top of each page.

If you don't already have your credit reports, we ask that you order them right away and send the original reports to us as soon as you receive them in the mail. We provide information in our sign up email that will allow you to get a copy of all of your reports for free.

As soon as we receive copies of your reports, we begin working our program. Don't forget that this program is customized to meet each individual's needs. Return to FAQ

Question - What is Credit Score Enhancement?

Answer - Enhancing your credit score is enabled through our extensive research on the credit scoring system. You must understand the formulas that the credit bureaus use to determine your credit score in order to increase the scores on your credit reports. Our proprietary program and strategies allow us to look at your reports and determine what steps to take in order to increase your credit score as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our cutting edge strategies are completely legal, and effective. Return to FAQ

Question - When can I cancel the service?

Answer - We are here to assist you in getting your credit scores corrected and increased. You can cancel the service at any time. If, for any reason, you decide that credit enhancement through the Credit Mechanics is beyond your current means contact us immediately. You may cancel your agreement with Credit Mechanics within three business days of signing, whether you signed electronically or in pen and ink, without incurring any costs.

After the three-day period has ended, we will start work on your case and the fees mentioned in our pricing will apply. If you encounter payment obstacles later on in the process, but would like to still continue our program in the future you can cancel for as long as you need and re-enter the program at any time without paying an additional setup fee. Return to FAQ

Question - What is your Retainer Agreement?

Answer - A Retainer Agreement is an Agreement between Credit Mechanics and the customer spelling out what is to be done by each part. Here is a link to the Agreement. Return to FAQ

Question - When are funds drafted on my checking or credit card account?

Answer - We never automatically draft funds from your account. Upon sign-up you will be able to pay for the service with Google Checkout. Then every month you will receive an e-mail message from Google requesting payment for our services that have already been provided. In order for us to continue working on your account you will need to complete the payment at that time. The reason we use Google Checkout is we want to protect our clients from any possible fraud charges or identity theft and using this service guarantees that all transactions are 100% secure. As a business we prefer not to have any customers credit or debit card information in our possession and this service keeps that information secure. Return to FAQ

Question - Why do you require the use of Google Checkout for payment?

Answer - At the beginning of the business in 2002 we accepted all forms of payment including cashier check, check and credit cards. However, the additional accounting staff was consuming a large amount of overhead and we were forced with the decision to either raise our prices or find a new model of collecting fees. We contacted over 500 of our previous clients and conducted a large survey. Over 95% of our former clients said they would prefer a lower cost service over accepting all forms of payment.

Also, by using Google Checkout we don't have access to any customer credit or debit card information which keeps our liability insurance lower. Return to FAQ

Question - Are credit repair companies a scam?

Answer - I can tell you that there are many good companies that provide credit repair services, but there are also many bad companies as well. I can tell you that the process of credit repair is not a scam there are many legal strategies and techniques that can be used to increase your credit scores. The main problem is some companies don't follow through or don't have the knowledge necessary to provide results. As a consumer you should always be aware of guarantees and claims that sound too good to be true. As a business we are so confident in our results we give you the option to cancel at any time and a warranty if we are not able to provide you with substantial results. Return to FAQ

Question - How long does the credit repair process take?

Answer - This is a tough question, because every case is unique. We follow our program to provide customized results, but even professionals cannot guarantee results. The reason we cannot guarantee a favorable outcome is we don't control the credit bureaus. The delaying tactics and obstacles the credit bureaus will be using to prevent the credit restoration process are always evolving. All we can control is our response and the amount of pressure that we apply to these companies. I cannot promise any specific timetable, but generally you should reasonably expect the process to take somewhere between 35 days and eight months. You must participate in the process and get us information including your credit reports and credit bureau correspondence as quickly as possible. The faster we get information from you the faster we can make the process move. As I have stated we are so confident in our process we provide our customers a warranty. Return to FAQ

Question - Is credit repair legal?

Answer - Disputing items on your credit report is your right. Credit restoration is as legal as pleading "not guilty" in a court of law. The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and the FDCPA (Fair Debts Collections Practices Act) were designed to protect your rights, and initiated to hold creditors and credit bureaus legally responsible for all claims they make against you.

Because of the millions of people the credit bureaus are required to keep track of, it's common for them to violate at least one of the hundreds of federal laws. The FCRA states that all information on a credit report must be accurate, timely, and, verifiable in order for it to remain on your report. Credit bureaus do not verify information before placing it on your report. This alone could result in 40% of your credit report being inaccurate in one way or another. The bureaus and creditors are given 30 days to provide documented evidence to verify the negative information on your report.

That's where we come in. We simply require the bureaus and creditors to uphold the law and will hold them responsible for violating any aspect of federal law. When violations occur, the bureaus and creditors are required to remove the negative item from your report. We're here to see that it happens. Return to FAQ