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About Us

Credit Mechanics is a Credit Consulting Organization that specializes in both helping increase credit scores and educating clients regarding credit. I opened my own company in 2002 after working in the credit restoration business since 1996. I was drawn to this line of work after learning about the number of people adversly affected by their credit scores and the huge number of inaccuracies on individual credit reports. I was amazed to learn the amount of power the credit bureaus have and the influence they have on people's lives. These credit bureaus are all private companies that make money selling information so it is your duty to make sure the information they are selling is accurate. Since beginning the company I have enhanced the steps I learned working in the industry and created a proprietary system of credit score enhancement. I have helped 10's of thousands of customers get the following items deleted from their credit reports: bankruptcies, foreclosures, judgements, tax liens, collection accounts, and charge-offs removed from their credit reports.

My goal is to make sure that everyone of my clients has the opportunity to benefit from all of the advantages gained by having a good credit score. You don't have to live with bad credit and if you give us the chance we can help you move forward by achieveing an excellent credit history. We will help you improve your credit rating by improving the accuracy of your credit report and educate you on how to maintain your restored credit. I hope you choose to use our service to help improve your credit scores, but no matter what you choose I wish you nothing but the best of luck with the credit restoration process.

Robert "Bud" Johnson, CEO