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Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Mechanics

1) How do I get started using Credit Mechanics?
2) What is Credit Score Enhancement?
3) When can I cancel the service?
4) How much does it cost to retain your services?
5) Do you have a warranty?
6) What is your Retainer Agreement?
7) When Are funds drafted on my checking or credit card account?
8) Why do you require the use of Google Checkout for payment?
9) Are credit repair companies a scam?
10) How long does the credit repair process take?
11) Is credit repair legal?

General Credit

1) Why is having good credit important?
2) When I pay off a past-due account, that will no longer be a negative, right?
3) Disputing credit reports is easy, why can't I restore my credit myself?
4) If I declare bankruptcy, isn't my credit report wiped clean?
5) Doesn't building good credit, offset my bad credit and make me credit worthy?
6) What factors influence a credit score?
7) What is a FICO score?
8) What is VantageScore?
9) What is the difference between FICO and VantageScore?
10) Will paying my bills on time fix my credit report?

Credit Reports

1) What is a credit report?
2) What sort of information can appear on my credit report?
3) Is it possible to remove bankruptcies and foreclosures from credit reports?
4) What is a "100-word" or "consumer statement" on my credit report?
5) How do I get a copy of my credit report to start the process?
6) Does the law say negative information has to stay on my credit report for seven years?
7) Is it illegal to have negative, accurate listings deleted from my credit report?
8) How long does the negative information stay on my credit report?
9) What should I do when the credit bureau sends me an updated credit report during your program?
10) How many negative items can be on my credit report before my credit score is affected?
11) Who looks at my credit report?
12) If an item you've deleted comes back on my credit report, then what?
13) What is a charge off
14) What is a fraud alert?
15) What is a credit freeze?

Credit Bureaus

1) The truth about the credit bureaus
2) Should I listen to what the credit bureaus say about credit repair companies?
3) If I delete a negative item, the bureaus can just put it back on my credit report?
4) Do I have any rights regarding my credit file and the credit bureaus?
5) Aren't the credit bureaus government agencies

Other Credit Questions

1) Is bankruptcy the answer to my problems?
2) Are there any way to fix tax liens from the I.R.S.?
3) What are Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS)?
4) What are the pros and cons of using a CCCS?
5) What about debt elimination services?
6) Is it possible to alter my Social Security Number or use an Employee Identification Number (EIN) to get a fresh credit file?