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Our Program

We have a systematic approach to getting you the results you want and deserve.

Step 1: Determine your goals:

It is imperative that you have an idea of what you want accomplished in order for us to help you get the results you desire. Examples of goals include: I need to raise my scores 50 points in order to qualify for a mortgage or I just want to correct all of the errors on my report, because I don't like the inaccuracies. Whatever the reason you are looking to improve your scores you need to document your goals in order for us to help achieve your goals.

Step 2: Get your credit reports:

We help you get a copy of all of your credit reports for free and forward the copies to us through by either secure email or secure fax whatever you prefer. As an FYI for anyone using our service or not DON'T use this popular site to get your credit information ( If you get your credit information here you allow all of the credit bureaus 45 days to verify disputed information as opposed to the general 30 days under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Step 3: Analyze the reports:

Each credit bureau has a secret formula to calculate your credit score. We understand all of the elements and the approximate credit scoring formulas that devise your scores. After careful review of your credit reports we determine the listings that are the most damaging to your credit scores.

Step 4: Devise a plan of action:

After careful examination of your credit reports and listings we create a customized plan for each individual client based on the items listed on your report and the goals that you have outlined. Please note that your credit score is made up of both positive and negative items and always remember deleting all negative items on your credit reports does not guarantee a better score. In fact, deleting all negative items may actually cause your score to go down.

Step 5: Execute the plan:

Using our propreitary techniques and strategies developed over our years in the credit restoration business. We attack specific derogatory listings and show you how to add credit listings which will drastically improve your scores over time. During the entire process we update you on our progress via e-mail correspondence. These updates keep you up to date on all work that has been performed on your account.