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In order to continue you must scroll down and accept the Retainer Agreement

Retainer Agreement

Credit Mechanics ("CM") agrees to:

Work to improve your credit scores and credit history in several ways. One way is by challenging the credit items which you believe by definition are out of federal compliance. CM will use federal law to pursue your right to have all inaccurate, unverifiable and obsolete credit listings deleted from your credit report. Our objective is to assure that to the best of your knowledge the information contained in your credit files is in full compliance with the laws established to protect you as a consumer.

When CM receives legible copies of your credit reports we create, sign, and send letters to the credit bureaus on your behalf in order to communicate your position. Because each case varies so greatly, CM cannot guarantee any individual or specific results. The completion of Credit Mechanics work improving your credit scores and credit history may take more or less than twelve (12) months. However you may cancel the service at any time and your only financial responsibility will be for the previous month's work.

 You agree to:

Mail legible copies of your credit reports every ninety (90) days to Credit Mechanics. If you are unable to do this CM will continue working from our original copies of your credit reports until you provide us an updated copy of your credit reports.

Send CM any and all communications and correspondence that you receive from the credit bureaus. This is very important! Please make a copy of the documents you receive for your files and mail us the originals.

Inform CM of any change of address (within 10 days). This is very important! Only communicate with the credit bureaus through Credit Mechanics' written communications. Don't contact the credit bureaus on your own.

Refrain from applying for any more credit until CM's processes are complete, unless you contact CM first.

Pay Credit Mechanics Sixty-nine Dollars and ninety-five cents ($69.95) or One Hundred nineteen Dollars and ninety cents ($119.90) if you signing up with your spouse as a couple within the next ten (10) days. Then you'll pay Credit Mechanics forty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents ($49.95) per month for singles or eighty four Dollars and ninety cents ($84.90) per month for couples for representing you or you and your spouse during the previous month until we finish our work, you are satisfied with the results, or you decide to cancel. Credit Mechanics charges only for services rendered and work preformed each month, there are no advance fees.

Credit Mechanics warrants the success of its work by offering some or all of your money back if we are not successful in improving your credit scores and credit history. Please see the warranty on Credit Mechanics web site for complete details.

If your payment is returned or dishonored by the bank or credit card company, a fifteen dollar ($15.00) dishonored payment charge will be added to your next payment. Your service will be put on hold the following month and no work will be performed until the account is brought current. You may cancel the service at any time and your only financial responsibility will be for the work performed during the previous month. You understand that failure to complete all of these activities will void the service warranty.

Your Instructions to Credit Mechanics are as follows:

I want Credit Mechanics to challenge all negative items found on my credit reports with the exception of specific items listed and identified by me or my spouse and I. Those specific items will be submitted to Credit Mechanics separately in written form.  Credit Mechanics should consider any negative listings that are not submitted to CM in separate written form, to be by my understanding of the definition, out of federal compliance, or in other words inaccurate, unverifiable and/or obsolete.

I want CM to challenge negative listings because I believe that the listings may be inaccurate, unverifiable and/or obsolete. If I do not submit specific exceptions within Two (2) days of starting the service, CM should assume that all negative listings are to be considered inaccurate, unverifiable and/or obsolete.

I have reviewed and accepted the terms of this Agreement. I do hereby authorize an auto draft or charging of my account as indicated above and I hereby release my personal and account information to Credit Mechanics.

I do hereby give Credit Mechanics this Limited Power of Attorney, granting permission to communicate with the credit bureaus and creditors in my name and on my behalf. This communication can be in the form of phone, written and electronic communications including signing and sending letters in my name.

Limited Power of Attorney and Electronic Signature:

I authorize and direct Credit Mechanics including but not limited to, any associated credit restoration professional under directly employed or under direct supervision of Credit Mechanics, to act as my disclosed or undisclosed agent regarding my credit audit, verification and restoration matters.


You may cancel this agreement, without penalty or obligation at any time before midnight of the third (3rd) day after the date on which you signed the retainer agreement. To cancel you must call 1-800-630-9349 and print the notice of cancellation letter. Mail a copy of this signed and dated notice of cancellation, or any other written notice to Credit Mechanics at the mailing address listed on the contact page of our website. You will receive a cancellation confirmation by email confirming that your case has been closed. This email will have a cancellation code, until you receive your cancellation code you should consider your case still open.

A copy of the following retainer agreement will be emailed to you upon completion of the sign-up