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Over our years in business we have received so many kind responses to the service that we provide. Due to size requirements on this webpage I will only include a few of our favorites. Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to give us kind words it makes coming to work so much more rewarding.

Quotation Start - Raise My Credit Score I want to thank all of the wonderful and kind people at Credit Mechanics. With your help I was able to purchase my dream home and my interest rate was so low, because of my credit score. Thank you again for everything and keep up the great work. Quotation End - Repair My Credit Report

M. Teslae
Colorado Springs, CO
August 3, 2004

QuotationStart - Remove Bad Credit I have been working Credit Mechanics for 5 months and my Transunion score has increased 114 points, my Experian score 85 points, and my Equifax score is up 92 points. I have used other big name companies that made promises only to learn they did not live up to the hype. CM keeps me informed of my progress and I am happy to say that this company overperforms. All I can say is keep going CM my scores are almost where I need them in order to get my insurance premium lowered. Quotation End - Repair My Credit Now

J. Horowitz
Los Angeles, CA
June 8, 2003

Quotation Start - Fix My Credit Report You did it! I have been trying for years to get a home loan and I have been turned down everytime until yesterday. With your help my scores not only qualified me for a $220,000 home mortgage, but I also received a very low interest rate. I can't thank you enough. Quotation End - Affordable Credit Repair

A. Johnson
Kansas City, MO
December 12, 2008

Quotation Start - Credit Report Disputes Our Experian credit score just reached 732 up from an abysmal 518 you guys are a lifesaver. Quotation End - Credit Repair Solutions

M. Stawiosky
Denver, CO
October 28, 2008

Quotation Start - Credit Repair Specialist I was turned down from my last two jobs, because both employers required a credit check. With your help I have secured steady employment, because you got rid of all the errors on my credit. Thanks for your help and I will refer you to my friends and family. Quotation End - Credit Repair Specialist

C. Turner
Tampa, FL
March 23, 2006

Quotation Start - Credit Repair Solutions Bud, you are da' man without your help I would not have gotten my car loan. I don't know how you did it and I don't care. Keep up the great work. Quotation End - Credit Report Disputes

C. Jiminez
Omaha, NE
December 12, 2002

Quotation Start - Affordable Credit Repair I cannot thank you enough I am a mortgage broker and due to the tightening of the credit markets I have sent over 50 clients to credit-mechanics and all of these clients have drasticly improved their credit scores. I know having your service at my disposal that scores are one hurdle I will not have to worry about. Thanks again to you and your staff for the fast and professional work. Quotation End - Credit Repair Programs

S. Harvey
Englewood, CO
June 23, 2009

Quotation Start - Repair My Credit Now Credit-mechanics rocks. I have been trying to clean up errors on my credit scores for years and you guys finally helped me achieve the credit score I needed to buy my dream car Quotation End - Fix My Credit Report

J. Nichols
New York, NY
April 30, 2008

Quotation Start - Repair My Credit Report Due to identity theft my credit scores and credit history were destroyed. I didn't even know where to start fixing the errors on my credit. I am just so grateful I found Credit Mechanics. Quotation End - Raise My Credit Score

N. Weisman
Memphis, TN
January 18, 2005