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Warranty & Return Policy

We don't make outrageous guarantees or overpromise our results. In fact, any credit analysis or credit restoration business that guarantees they will get certain items removed from your credit report is lying. In this business you can't guarantee results, because you can't control the credit bureaus. All you can control is your approach and the strategies that you use to help people get results. Credit restoration is a long process due to the cat and mouse game with the credit bureaus. The bureaus will try and set up road blocks and we work to find a way around the blocks. We only make one guarantee to our clients. We guarantee that we will create and execute a customized plan using our proprietary methods and a consistent hard working approach. Although we can't guarantee our results we do give our clients a warranty on our effort.

We warranty our work by returning some or all of our clients retainer fee if we are unable to deliver positive results on your credit report or credit history. We are in business to help our clients achieve the highest credit scores on each individual credit report possible. We rarely have instances that we are unable to achieve results that create a positive change in a customers credit scores, but on rare occasions it may occur. If after 12 months you have not seen positive results we believe you deserve to get money back. In order to ensure that you receive the highest quality customer service we believe the only fair way to determine value of services you have received is to calculate the number of items that we have removed from your credit reports as an indicator of success. Please understand that some companies lead you to believe that deleting all items from your credit report is the only way to increase your score which could not be farther from the truth. Our process is based on getting our clients the highest possible credit scores and is completely unique and adjustable based upon the needs of each individual client.

To determine your refund simply add up the total number of items we have helped remove from your credit reports and multiply this total by 60. This arbitrary number is used to put a value on the success of our program. You will receive a refund if the amount you calculated is less than the total amount of money you have paid us over the 12 months. Please note that if the amount you calculated is more than the total amount of money you have paid us you will not under any circumstances be charged more for the services you have received. We provide this warranty and return policy only to benefit our customers if we are unable to generate positive results to your credit score and credit history.

A simple example of the above formula is illustrated below:

You paid $200 in service fees +200
We Removed 2 items x 60 -120
Refund you receive $80